The American Dream is alive and well in this country – and it can be found in the working class. The Working Class Coach is written for anyone – at any point in their career.  For those who have zero skills, zero school, and zero experience – and want a plan that leads to success – this is for you.american-flag-flies-in-the-autumn-sun-660477-m

I’ve overcome many difficulties just about anyone can experience – I have found the key to overcoming the obstacles that will eventually block your path.

I can show you how to spot them, move them, climb over them, go around them or sometimes take a few steps back and find a completely new route to avoid them.  Every person considered successful today started out somewhere near the bottom, some even took a couple trips, and started all over again.  Successful – or not,  the Working Class Coach has has something to offer everyone…

It’s for…

People with no skills, no school, and no experience – and want to learn how to build a path that leads them to the highest level of success imaginable.

People with some skills and feel trapped in a job without a  future. Not every job is a job to keep forever; I’ll help you discover the difference and support you while you build the work ethic and experience leaders are made of.

Students leaving high school who want an alternative to college that can lead to success.  If you have a career in mind that requires college – then go.   Not every student has college in their immediate future; some employers will offer to pay for your school – that can be a better plan.

College students, trying to find the experience they will need once they have earned their degree.  This is the plan that will get you the experience you need and will give you a beginning attitude to establish a work ethic employers a dying to have in new applicants.

Big corporations who want to improve overall wellness for their employees; give them a direction and the rungs of the ladder of success to climb.  For those who will lift the company from the bottom with their success.

The prison system to give inmates a plan and direction to rebuild their lives.  It’s time to stop tossing people that paid their debt to society out into the street to fend for themselves in what might a completely changed world.

Parents encouraging their children to find their own way.   When I left home, or (you might say kicked out) for the first time, I was completely directionless.  I can offer parents the help they desperately need, an explanation on how to find success for their children from the bottom up.

Staffing agencies looking to boost their clientele with more support placing people in permanent jobs.  Understanding how to find success in the working class world and using the plan I am talking about will lead to attaining an attitude and work ethic full time employers are desperately looking for.  This will lead to more permanent positions and that boosts the success finding others jobs.

I even have a section that will teach managers the missing piece to the puzzle that improves the working environment, and their chance at moving up.  Understanding how to work with people is a vital component to managerial success, I will soon have a course on how to work with conflicting, contradictory, and the outrageous personalities we all find in the work place.

It’s for all the people who forgot what the American Dream looks like and where to find it.  I absolutely believe you can find the dream in the working class. There are so many possibilities the options are limitless and I can honestly say anyone can find the success they are looking for, especially when they know what it looks like and how to find it.


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