So let me prove my one step success theory.

Making the change to a positive and successful attitude is as instant aslight behind door flipping on a light switch. Success isn’t measured by a big bank account; it’s tasks you have succeed in accomplishing. Changing your attitude to a positive one opens your eyes to seeing all tasks as successes. let each one build upon the other; it will snowball, give it a chance. But there is a problem when you flip the switch.

I know what I see in my room when the switch is on…

Hard work – once you flip the switch – problem’s  are found, and what’s seen in the light – all the hard work required to have a positive mental attitude.  It may be easier for other people to keep a good attitude going – as for the rest of us, we need to stay in the fight.

Correcting how you see the world is hard, but making the change in critical to surviving the journey.

I have trouble keeping the light on too; it’s easier to switch off the light and forget about the responsibility.

See all the good stuff and junk for what it is. Time to separate what you need, from what you don’t. It’s time to drop the anger towards your boss, jealousy you have for others, feelings of entrapment due to lack of success, and everything else that is robbing you of your future.

When you’re ready to take action – moving forward will be challenging, but all good things are worth fighting for.

Time to clean up the junk on the floor -sometimes big things need to be moved to the curb and thrown away, and in order to keep your attitude strong you now must clean up the mess.

I had a tough time getting rid of the anger I had towards all forms of authority.  I felt management was against me; now I realize that  most managers don’t understand how to work with people, they’re just doing the best they can, even if their best – stinks.

What the light showed me was the emotional burden all that anger loaded onto my shoulders – working with management is better for everyone. Your positive mental attitude should ease tensions at work, if not, it may be time to leave.

You may see how others will treat you differently, not everyone will except your new attitude.  Others will love it and join you – accept them and build a team.

You may even see that some of the close friendships you have – must come to an end.

There are habits you need to stop; addictions that have plagued you for a lifetime, you must now have to face it, quit them, and begin the recovery.

Sometimes you may even need to weep for the loss of what was close to you so the healing can begin.

Take some time – and take a good look at what is around you.

The light – from the switch – showed you what you need to do, it’s the first step – DON’T turn it off, fight to keep it on, fight with everything you have.  This is your saving grace; this is where you will find your success.

Having a solid positive attitude transcends itself into every aspect of your life and when you use it at work – that is when the magic happens – when you begin to build you.

Keeping the light on is the first step … the rest gets easier… and then it gets even easier… and soon you will be surrounded by your new successful life.

I’ll stand by your side, I have my fight as well as you do, but I can encourage you as you begin your fight.

Let me know if I can help, just leave a comment in the box below and I promise to respond to every one if I can.

Again thanks for reading