Resume ListWriting a resume begins before looking for a job.  Employers want to know how you will improve their company. If you can explain, in a detailed way, how you improved your current employer, and explain how you will improve the new one; you’ll get HR managers begging to hire you .

What do employers want?

Employers want motivated employees that show value for their employer. Explain your value, and hiring managers will beg to hire you. Think about this; if an HR manager listened to a potential employee, someone applying as a forklift operator, or line cook, or butcher, or whatever, and they explained how their skills cut costs, improved safety, and reduced inventory loss; how could they not be hired? As a hiring manager, for myself and for two companies, I would offer the position.

The dirty little secret is, most of the good employees are working already. If you got laid off and you can’t find work, take a job that pays the bills, don’t work for less, just work hard and get back to the top again. Hard working employees, get noticed, and when jobs plateau move up or move out.

What are employers saying?

Hiring managers that I have spoken with would agree, finding a qualified candidate is hard enough. Most managers would take somebody who was just adequate. Be prepared, and don’t be someone who present themselves like a set of skills that lacks personality.

Some people build resumes with bullet-pointed skills they’ve developed, but that’s not lazy it’s uniformed. Skills are still important, but they can be taught to anybody. Hiring managers, at least good ones, are looking for people who bring value to the company.

Can YOU adapt to a new environment? Do YOU get along with people? Have YOU improved yourself and the company? Can YOU take control of this new position and impress everyone around you? Hiring managers are hoping to find YOU, as someone they can develop into a more accomplished and higher paid employees.

I’ll explain exactly how to show your awesome on a resume.

Show a hiring manager your potential in the initial interview and you’re golden. The question you may ask is, “How do I build a resume that has everything I need to look like an awesome candidate?”

First, you need to have a great attitude, you might think this isn’t a secret, but it is. Most working class employees have an attitude of a working class employee; one who clocks in and is paid for their time. Don’t get me wrong, we work for money, but to build a successful career you need to sharpen your skill-set. Hiring managers can tell a difference. The optimal candidate for the position should have a great working attitude, and a detailed well-written resume and cover letter.

Second, on your resume show how you have personally taken on responsibility at your current employer. It’s not difficult to do, it just takes some practice. Here’s some quick examples.

♦ Find a way to conserve company resources and track it. You can state that       you found a way to reduce, ___% of company resources.

♦ Find a way to improve your productivity, or that of others; and state on a      resume that you improved productivity by … say 10% each year you were      employed.

Next time you’re at work see what kind of improvements you can find.

Third, accomplishments written on your resume, and in your cover-letter, will give potential employers interesting interview questions. Practice a couple of different answers to each one to avoid surprises. Either way, be prepared, and look forward to, answering all their questions, after all, they’re about you.

Fourth, you must have a cover letter and a resume; even if you have very little to show. Every job I applied for asked me to fill out their employment application; use the resume as a template for you to use when filling out the written one. All the dates and contact information should be on it,  just transfer the information effortlessly. Plus it gives you an edge of professionalism. Need some ideas? I found this on Google I am not sure the page ends. 

Fifth, never, never, never, get fired or quit and walk off the job. If you think can feel the cool breath of the business reaper, make a quick move. Never get fired, the next boss may look at you as damaged goods. Never walk off a job unless you are asked to commit a crime or something immoral; look for a quick replacement.

If either of these happen — it’s not the end of the world; you may just have to start over and work your way back up. You can’t always know when the time is coming. I can tell when its time to move; I get a ornery and bored.

Don’t you agree that candidates for warehouse positions look great, if they were focused, kept track of, and could prove increased production as a result of their influence.”

I would mentor this candidate for future positions. Asking how this was accomplished would make it a memorable interview. All managers want great employees at every level, it’s easier to promote people to higher positions from within, rather than gamble and lose with new people off the street.

Our country thousands of businesses. If you think the business reaper is coming, your board, start looking. The perfect job may be posted today, or in six months, take your time and find the right one. Job search engines email lists of new postings; it’s always a good idea to know what’s new. Pretty soon I will have an e-book on, How the Working Class can master the interview, and, How to Build the Perfect Working Class Cover-letter and Resume.

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