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Success is only one step away from where you are?

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So let me prove my one step success theory.

Making the change to a positive and successful attitude is as instant aslight behind door flipping on a light switch. Success isn’t measured by a big bank account; it’s tasks you have succeed in accomplishing. Changing your attitude to a positive one opens your eyes to seeing all tasks as successes. let each one build upon the other; it will snowball, give it a chance. But there is a problem when you flip the switch.

I know what I see in my room when the switch is on…

Hard work – once you flip the switch – problem’s  are found, and what’s seen in the light – all the hard work required to have a positive mental attitude.  It may be easier for other people to keep a good attitude going – as for the rest of us, we need to stay in the fight.

Correcting how you see the world is hard, but making the change in critical to surviving the journey.

I have trouble keeping the light on too; it’s easier to switch off the light and forget about the responsibility.

See all the good stuff and junk for what it is. Time to separate what you need, from what you don’t. It’s time to drop the anger towards your boss, jealousy you have for others, feelings of entrapment due to lack of success, and everything else that is robbing you of your future.

When you’re ready to take action – moving forward will be challenging, but all good things are worth fighting for.

Time to clean up the junk on the floor -sometimes big things need to be moved to the curb and thrown away, and in order to keep your attitude strong you now must clean up the mess.

I had a tough time getting rid of the anger I had towards all forms of authority.  I felt management was against me; now I realize that  most managers don’t understand how to work with people, they’re just doing the best they can, even if their best – stinks.

What the light showed me was the emotional burden all that anger loaded onto my shoulders – working with management is better for everyone. Your positive mental attitude should ease tensions at work, if not, it may be time to leave.

You may see how others will treat you differently, not everyone will except your new attitude.  Others will love it and join you – accept them and build a team.

You may even see that some of the close friendships you have – must come to an end.

There are habits you need to stop; addictions that have plagued you for a lifetime, you must now have to face it, quit them, and begin the recovery.

Sometimes you may even need to weep for the loss of what was close to you so the healing can begin.

Take some time – and take a good look at what is around you.

The light – from the switch – showed you what you need to do, it’s the first step – DON’T turn it off, fight to keep it on, fight with everything you have.  This is your saving grace; this is where you will find your success.

Having a solid positive attitude transcends itself into every aspect of your life and when you use it at work – that is when the magic happens – when you begin to build you.

Keeping the light on is the first step … the rest gets easier… and then it gets even easier… and soon you will be surrounded by your new successful life.

I’ll stand by your side, I have my fight as well as you do, but I can encourage you as you begin your fight.

Let me know if I can help, just leave a comment in the box below and I promise to respond to every one if I can.

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How, The Working Class Coach helps you, build you!

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The Working Class Coach is written for all of us who hold or want to hold a working class job, and find success.  It’s for the information and service industries – and for those like me, who are blue collar.

Let me share with you what working class success is and how to achieve it.

I want you to go to work with the idea that you are there to work for yourself.   You are … working for you, so to speak, similar to an entrepreneur. You are building you.

How I can help you build – you

When you go to work, you are not there to build a better product, upgrade a sale, or provide a better service – you’re there to build you – to be the best, most efficient, most dedicated employee – you can be.  And when you are there working for you – the company will always win and grow because you… are building you to be the best at everything!Tina arting Building yourself is simple, but it’s not easy.  I have a plan you can use to achieve the success I am talking about in any working class field.

Take advantage of this information – when you use these strategies you will reach your potential quicker than you may think.

When I’ve reached my potential it’s time for me to move on – to find a better position with a new company.  When I look for a new employer – one that can challenge me – I find better pay, better benefits, better work conditions, better commute… I get to choose what’s better.

Sometimes its better to find new employment.

When you have reached your potential at your current employer, it’s time to move up or move out.  Finding a better job may scare you, but you will always have more confidence in an interview when you are the leading individual at your position at your current job.  Confidence is what separates good candidates from great ones.   Great candidates land better jobs quicker and are more likely to achieve their career goals.

Sometimes just changing your attitude changes your work atmosphere.  If you found this blog – chances are you already have a strong desire to find an edge to shoot pass the mediocre employee to your success.

Where is Working Class Success found?

Man in manhole 2Success is everywhere, success isn’t always making money – everyone wants to be a millionaire – there are many more satisfying and fulfilling levels between here and there.  The Working Class Coach starts at the very beginning, at the entry level, and offers a platform for achieving any level of success.  You’ll get to learn how to really build you, and that will turn a hard work ethic and a great attitude in to great pay and a solid future.

There is little motivational and instructional resources available that focus on success in any of the working class fields.  What can you find?  Some great strategies to land a big sale; there’s thousands of  sales book.  There are also many books on how to run a successful small business, even books on how to be “The Best Executive” large companies are looking for.

What’s available for the working class; resumes you can copy from a book?   What I am offering is something more useful.  It’s the “Why and the What” in addition to the “How” that is important.  I will teach you how to use strategies and even tricks to get your resume noticed and get employers begging to hire you.

Together we can build your success.

old mand on ledge

Our nation has an ever increasing level of poverty, and in today’s economy it seems like the working class is struggling with unemployment and the rising cost of… well, everything.  Those on the bottom are in need of a way to begin on a new path of success.

I have the path built upon many of my working class experiences.  And it doesn’t  just start at the very beginning – at the entry level – it’s for all parts of employment at any time.

You just need to know how to do it, why to do it, and when to take each new step.

I have an – ever increasing – archive of information for you to review.  Just click on the link to the side and fill in your email address and all the content I have I will share with you for free.

Look forward to hearing from you,

A. Jon Hirsig


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Warning; disaster lurks when changing jobs.

How 5 simple steps can change your attitude, which will change your life.






Warning; disaster lurks when changing jobs

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I have found just the opposite, more people that believe that than you may think.  I have achieved more money, better benefits, a greater title and a shorter commute, every time I have changed jobs.Danger

Fear can be a near paralyzing emotion and most people will do anything to avoid it. That’s probably why you are reading this post.

Your career may stall – staying at a current company and waiting, praying, your boss moves on so you can move into his position.

And then when you do finally move in to his job you find, a minimal raise, the same crappy commute, same pay structure, and same co-workers, just to have new headaches?  Maybe staying with the same company isn’t always the best plan.

I have found moving to a new job entirely can be a better fit.  To start; you should get a good raise, better benefits, better commute and /or meet new people.  That’s what the interview process is for right, to determine these things?  A new place to work gives you a good environment to learn new things that down the road will lead to more improvements.  The potential problem people fear?

 Is a new employer secure?

The real question is; why is your current employer more secure?

At any given point you current employer can go bankrupt, close its door, or get bought out and you become the redundancy.    There are no guarantees in life, that’s an old but important cliché.  How many businesses close up due to mismanagement of funds, only to be hacked up and sold off to cover debts?

Not to scare you though.  We have all seen a thriving business one day, and then it closes its doors the next.

brewery-805514-mA year ago – I knew of a small craft brewery that opened and was booming; a slightly larger craft brewery chain wanted to buy them and the small one of course said no.  The bigger craft brewery then bought the strip mall the small one had a lease with and when the lease was up the larger brewery didn’t renew the lease – the small brewery was forced to move.  Moral of this story, never build your house on rented land… oh and always be ready for change.

Change is an important part of life, and preparation is just as important. Moving up or moving out every 3 to 5 years is better for your career, unless of course you truly love your job “and” it doesn’t become burdensome.  You can play with the frequency a little if you want  – changing things up will keep you and your resume fresh, thus minimizing any impact on unseen change.

What to do with a stale job.

Your job/career must benefit you, and when it becomes a burden it’s time to either move on or move up.  Most employment should be enjoyable, and for me that will last about five years give or take a year.  Most jobs become tedious at some point and I need a new challenge.  After that I need to move on or move up.

Don’t let this trouble you too much, conventional wisdom tells us to grab a job and hold on for dear life, change wasn’t really part of the game plan.   There are far more examples of reasons to move on than to hold on.

One quick example; “GM, too Big to Fail?” remember that, how many people were left holding the bag on that one?  Moving on or moving up, gives you different platforms of experience that become very useful if the bottom falls out; plus it keeps you fresh.

Never jump unless you are prepared!

Be prepared to jump before you jump employers.  Take time to polish up your resume – and your attitude before you consider moving anywhere.  I have many tips, some old – some new, on perfecting your resume.

Leaving a current employer can be scary it’s important to do your due-diligence by researching any new employer to check for sings of stability.  I like to look for new opportunities that can improve my current situation; it can be exciting looking because the ball is in your court, actually you are holding all the balls.

Looking for new employment while you are currently employed gives you a huge boost in confidence and potential employers really like that.  Has anyone ever noticed a potential employer scoot closer to the edge of their seat during your interview?  You never know when you may need to consider moving employers – always keep your options open.

Thanks for reading,



How 5 simple steps can change your life.

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Some say beauty is skin deep and for the most part they are right.  In my opinion real beauty is personality deep.  I think employment is attitude deep.  Those with the best attitude have the best chance to get – and keep the job.

how to change your attitude about your employment.

Start by cleaning up all the garbage you think about your job today and accept it as it is.  Take all the good and the bad and lump it all into one transparent box, and see it for what it is.  See it as a way to make money to spend on your life, while you work towards your career goals.

  • First part is to go to work and work for you.  I work for myself at my job; like an entrepreneur without upfront capital.  I develop me, I am my product, each step I take builds a stronger resume that I use to grow and move around, and this improves my income and benefits.  

  • Second, work hard, and by that I mean do whatever it takes to be the best at what you do.  When you’re seen taking on responsibility, you are naturally seen as a leader.  That will make you look good and an obvious choice for advancement. 

  • Third, ignore the negative chatter, not everyone likes someone who over-works.  Remember you are at work for your success and only yours.

  • Fourth, look for advancement when you’re ready, if there isn’t any than look elsewhere.  Look at each job as a vehicle that takes your career from one advancement to the next.  Each job you gain experience and titles, which you can use at the next one to move up in pay or in stature.  Get what you need out of each job and use that experience to move and improve upon.

  • Fifth, learn to enjoy change, we have been told since birth to find a job and hold on to it for dear life, never changing for the fear of the unknown.  Change can be a beautiful thing; it is possible to get a 10-20% pay raise every time you change employers, look for the ones who will pay you to improve their business.

Here is a quick example:  let’s say you are in an entry level position mopping floors for a fast food joint, and your attitude is, complacent at best.  We’ve all been here; I spent most of the 90’s there.  You come to work late, do a “whatever it takes to get by” kind of job and no one takes you seriously.  Then, you have read this post and finally see the light (angles singing in the background). So what do you do?

Make the change in your attitude.

Right away you will see results, managers love to have people who want to improve their business.  Actually, they love people to just do their job, let alone search for more to do.  If you’re practicing this it won’t take long to move to another position.

Work hard for one to two years, and I mean really hard, make a couple of jumps using your new and improved attitude and move to assistant manager.

Work one more year with that title, if you can’t move up – move to a different place of business, you now have management experience – and a great attitude this is what employers want.

It’s easy to doubt its simplicity.

These steps are the basics to achieving success.  Look around you work; do you see any people doing just enough to get by?  People can work a lot more, but they just choose to do the bare minimum.  And that’s great for us; this is how you can get promoted quickly.

Most of the time all you have to do is your job, but if you found more to do you begin to look like a leader.  Don’t listen to the negative chatter.

There is a lot of negative chatter out there.  Some working class people don’t like change and when you change and grow as an individual, they feel like they will get left behind, refusing to grow with you.

Complaints are a sign that you are on the right track remember you go to work for you and that is what your success depends on.  I have left jobs because of a constant negative atmosphere, but for me, I don’t mind finding new work.

These are simple but in no way are they easy.  Some may say they can be some of the most difficult endeavors of our life, and when you go to work you determine your success.

We all face these challenges that’s why millions books have been written on the subjects, these decisions are more emotional and they scare us.  To be successful we have to choose to be successful and overcome adversity to achieve it.

I am here to walk with you, to encourage you when times are tough, but you are the only one who can make the choice.

So, what do you think about what I have said, does it sound reasonable?

Thanks for taking the time to my Post,



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Warning; disaster lurks when changing jobs